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  • Insider Threat Defense is the Leader-Go To Company for Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training and Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation Services.

  • Insider Threat Defense has helped U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community) and a wide variety of private sector businesses, develop, implement, manage and enhance Insider Threat Programs.

  • Were excited to announce that we have provided our training and services (In Over 14 U.S. States) to an impressive list of 540+ organizations / 680+ security professionals. (Client Listing)

  • We offer a broad portfolio of training and services to potential clients, that will address Insider Threat risks with a cost effective, comprehensive and holistic approach.


Insider Threat Mitigation Training

  • Insider Threat Program Development & Management (More Info)


  • Insider Threat Program Development & Management (Web Based) (More Info)


  • Insider Threat Program Development  & Management For National Insider Threat Policy & NISPOM Conforming Change 2 (More Info)


  • Insider Threat Program Management With Legal Guidance (More Info)


  • Insider Threat Program Management / Insider Threat Detection & Data Analysis (More Info)


  • Insider Threat Program Working Group (For Stakeholders / Supervisors Supporting ITP) *


  • Insider Threat Awareness Training / Briefings *


  • Insider Threat Awareness & Mitigation For CEO's And Board Of Directors *


  • Insider Threat Detection Tools (Coming In Early 2019)


  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments & Mitigation


  • Data Exfiltration Threats & Mitigation


  • Agent Surefire Insider Threat Investigation Game


    * Training Is Based On Client Requirements



Insider Threat Mitigation Consulting Services

  • Insider Threat Program Development & Management Guidance (On-Site)


  • Insider Threat Program Legal / Privacy Guidance (By Licensed Employment Law Attorney)


  • Insider Threat Program Maturity Assessments


  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments & Mitigation Guidance


  • Insider Threat Data Exfiltration Testing / Executing The Insiders Playbook Of Malicious Tactics

Insider Threat Mitigation Solutions / Services


  • Employee Continuous Monitoring & Reporting Services (External Data Sources)

  • Insider Threat Detection / User Activity Monitoring / Behavioral Analytic Tool Guidance And Solutions

  • Dark Web Monitoring (For Theft / Sale Of Sensitive Business Data)

  • E-Mail Phishing Testing / Cyber Threat Awareness Training

  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Inspections (Covert Audio / Video Device Detection)

#1 For Client Satisfaction


  • Insider Threat Defense is the #1 Choice and is considered a Trusted Provider for security professionals, working for; Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, Defense Security Service, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Aviation/Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing- Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking - Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large and small businesses.

  • Look no further then Insider Threat Defense. We offer our clients proven Experience, Past Performance, Comprehensive Training, Commitment, Research, Collaboration, Awards.

  • Past clients are rating our training and services in the Above Average to Excellent category. (References Available Upon Request) (Client Comments)



How damaging can an Insider Threat incident be? Please visit this link to lean more.


Protecting your organization against Insider Threat risks is critical. Please contact our team of Insider Threat Mitigation Experts who are available to answer any questions you may have about our training and services.


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